Sustainable Building in 2022

Sustainable building practices are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s construction industry, and as we head into 2022, the practice is only expected to increase. Green buildings that suit the environment and climate of their location are becoming expected, and there are plenty of ways that construction companies are getting on board.

What are Sustainable Building Practices?

Sustainable building is all about living in harmony with the surrounding natural environment while considering the environmental, social, and economic aspects. It is all about reducing the footprint of the building through less energy, water and better materials.

Energy-Efficient Technology

Technology is changing daily, and the latest in energy-efficient technology allows us to install smart thermostats, shades, lights, air conditioning, and many other appliances. This technology allows the homeowner to reduce the emissions from their property, while still allowing for comfortable living. There’s no need to leave the air conditioner on all day during summer when you can now turn it on as you’re leaving work.

Modular Construction

With the COVID pandemic, modular construction became more widespread. Portions of properties can be built off-site with much less waste, and then transported to the site, where they will be placed together. With less waste and more materials being recycled, modular construction is being requested more.​

Sustainable Materials

The demand from homeowners and business owners for eco-friendly building materials is increasing. Construction companies are utilising non-VOC paints, recycled wood, and emission-free materials, as well as recycling where possible.

Net-Zero Buildings

Many construction companies are now looking at building net-zero buildings; that is, buildings where energy consumption is equal, or close enough to, to the energy output. It required generating renewable energy through wind turbines, solar, and photovoltaics.

Environmental Resiliency

With the growing number of natural disasters, one of the top sustainable building practices is to build or incorporate construction that can stand up to modern weather patterns. This might mean that develops build stronger frames, use fireproof materials or build off the ground.​


Developers are now looking at ways to incorporate sustainable building practices, allowing them to access certificates that buyers want. This includes Green Star Certification, LEED Certification, and EDGE Certification.