Projects Rocking the Construction Industry

Across the world, leaders in construction and architecture are dreaming big. The projects they are designing and building are rocking the construction industry to the core, and showing what is truly possible to achieve.

Great Man-Made River Project, Libya

Many Governments and authorities around the world are contemplating how to bring water to arid and dry regions in their countries, combatting drought and water supply issues. Libya’s “Great Man-Made River” project is showing it is possible to increase available drinking and irrigation water. The project has been in construction since 1985, and when completed (scheduled for 2030), it will irrigate more than 350,000 acres of arable land and increase drinking water to most of Libya’s urban centres. Granted the water is coming from the underground Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, but it is a good example of what is possible in a typically dry area.

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Nanjing’s Vertical Forest

When building in already overcrowded and under-green cities, there’s only one way to introduce green architecture and that’s by going up. Nanjing in China was the first Asian country to get a vertical forest when Italian architect Stefano Boeri brought his project of building two greenery covered towers to China. The idea is simple, yet effective – the two towers absorb carbon dioxide while producing oxygen. It is estimated that the 1,100 trees and 2,500 hanging plants on each tower absorb 25 tonnes of CO2 each year and generate 60kilograms of oxygen per day. These towers are leading the way in making pollution filled cities healthier. ​​

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Deloitte Head Office, Amsterdam

Deloitte got into the smart building design with their head office in Amsterdam. The building produces more energy than it consumes and is considered to be one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. The north-facing atrium allows lots of daylight to filter into the office, while the concrete walls on the southern façade absorb heat from sunlight, with solar panels converting this sunlight into energy. With a network of tens of thousands of sensors placed around the building, everything including lighting, cooling, coffee machines and the robot security guard can all be controlled and adjusted from a central point. ​

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Seascape, Port Macquarie

Back home in Australia, Laurus Projects are shaking up the senior living category with accommodation designed to be a luxury lifestyle living facility. Taking advantage of the coastal location views and ocean breezes, the project is designed to maximise lifestyle quality while focussing on low-maintenance living, allowing residents to enjoy their later years.

Designed more like a luxury holiday resort with a grand room with fireplace, pool/spa and fitness centre, cinema, library/music room, consulting rooms, communal dining/bar area (club room), cellar, communal entertaining areas, and low maintenance gardens allowing for produce to be grown, Seascapes is aspirational living that is far removed from the typical aged or retirement living.​

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There are projects all over the world disrupting traditional construction practices through use of technology, building materials and methods. From small scale projects in regional towns through to large scale projects in cities of the world, architects and builders are taking changes to change the industry.